Lindezas do Brasil Parts Models specialize in modeling for specific parts of the body such as hand, leg, feet, facial features. They work on editorial, advertising, and catalog work. Body part modelling is all about capturing the perfect photograph: capturing one finger or a couple of toes can be extremely important to the client, and therefore to the consumer. It can make or break the photo session, so if you’re selected as a body part model, you’ll be treated as essential as a full body fashion model.

Lindezas do Brasil Parts Models appear in catalogues, adverts or editorial campaigns, where the product being sold is only as effective as the model who’s there to showcase it. For instance, for a jewelry brand endorsement, the model is required to have flawless, smooth even-toned skin, with well-trimmed and shaped nails. Lindezas do Brasil Body Parts Models are needed to model things such as watches, hand creams, pantyhose or shoes.